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Since 2013, I have been co-creating monthly Kids Yoga Lesson Plans with Jodi Komitor, the founder of Next Generation Yoga. Writing these Lesson Plans is one of my greatest joys as a Kids Yoga Teacher! Every month an original and easy-to-follow NGY Lesson Plan, with step-by-step instructions, is released. Kids Yoga Teachers, parents, and educators across the globe are leading children on a fun, meaningful and educational Yoga adventures using NGY Lesson Plans. Individual NGY Lesson Plans are available for purchase or you can join the Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan Club and get new Lesson Plans delivered to your inbox every month!

Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan Club

Exclusive monthly membership for parents, Yoga Teachers and school-based educators who wish to share their passion of Yoga with Kids. No prior teaching experience required!

How It Works:

  • As a member of the Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plan Club, every month, you will receive a signature Lesson Plan for 2-7 yr. olds, 8-13 yr. olds or both

  • Every Lesson Plan Club is unique and has a kid-friendly theme that is relevant and age appropriate

  • The theme is the same for both age groups every month, but the content is different

  • Lesson plans are delivered to your email inbox, no later than the 5th of each of month

  • Each Lesson Plan is a ready-to-print, colorful, downloadable PDF

What You Get:

  • Monthly Lesson Plans filled with 10+ pages of clear and easy-to-follow instructions

  • Complete Lesson Plans full of Yoga poses, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that incorporate: visual imagery, learning points, sensory integration, creative movement and fun stuff such as books, music, props and crafts

  • Written guidance and support for class set-up and getting started

  • A suitable Yoga flow sequence that is simple to breakdown so you can teach sections or the entire lesson from beginning to end

  • Complete Pose Pages with straightforward instructions for how to do the postures, along with traditional and kid-friendly pose names, suggestions for the number of times to repeat each pose and pose benefits

  • Suggestions for authentically connecting with kids

  • Inspirations for being a creative and innovative Kids Yoga Teacher

These lesson plans are amazing! I have taught them for 5 months now and they have helped me to build the confidence to now start adding my own unique ideas to my classes. Thanks NGY!
— Christina Rennich, Spark Meditation & Yoga

Individual Lesson Plans

We also have Next Generation Yoga Lesson Plans available for individual purchase. Here are a few of our favorites: